About Us

Chanstat is a channel statistics bot; its purpose is to generate statistics for channels and users alike. ChanStat also records logs of what is said in a channel. Those logs can be viewed by operators of the channel. For answers to frequently asked questions visit our FAQ page.

ChanStat is located on several networks, which can be viewed on the home page. The main two networks are SwiftIRC (irc.swiftirc.net) and Rizon (irc.rizon.net). We have support channels, #chanstat, on both networks, which is a good place to ask questions or speak to staff.

Blacklisting / Ignores
Manual blacklists will be placed for anyone breaking our rules (listed to the right), or if any staff member feels the channel should be blacklisted.

Users can also be ignored from the bot. We have an auto-ignore system in place for people that spam commands or spam invites. The ignore will last 10 minutes. If we see that a user continues spamming after the temporary blacklist is removed, then the user will be set to a more permanent blacklist. Manual ignores can be set for various reasons. A user can be ignored if we catch them breaking one of our rules, or if a staff member deems it appropriate.

Chanstat provides support via the forums and IRC. If you need immediate assistance, visit our FAQ page or ask a staff member in one of our main support channels.