Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I invite ChanStat to my channel?
Use the command /invite ChanStat #channel.
This command is not limited and ChanStat can be invited by anyone with the ability to /invite.

2) How do I see my channel stats?
Use the [@!.]chanstats command. Using the ! or . prefix will message you the link directly, otherwise using the @ prefix will message the channel publically.

3) How do I make ChanStat leave my channel?
Use the command /kick #channel ChanStat

4) What timezone are statistics generated in?
Statistics are stored in UTC/GMT Format.

5) How often are statistics generated?
Statistics are generated in almost real-time with some caching, usually not more than half an hour.
Maps are generated in real time.

6) How do I get a user account for the statistics page?
Ask in #chanstat on

7) Where do I get support or Report problems?
If you require support or have a problem to report, please join #ChanStat on Rizon (

8) The bot just parted my channel, why?
The bot’s /part message should say why the bot was parted. It could either be because we found you were abusing the bot (mass invites, spam, etc), a staff member parted it, or the channel did not meet the user requirement. If the bot does not rejoin and you’re wondering why, join #ChanStat and ask a staff member.

9) I want to donate, what should I do?
Contact a staff member.

10) How do I get ChanStat on my network?
Join #ChanStat on Rizon ( and ask an operator.

11) My statistics page has no quotes!
Channels with channel mode +s have no quotes, as people outside of them are not supposed to be aware of their existence, let alone see what is said in it. Set mode -s.