Stats Pages
Making stats pages is one of ChanStat’s most popular features. They’re generated by custom software written for ChanStat whose design is based from two open source prorgams: pisg and irssistats. The bot work by logging the channels it’s in, analyzing the data, then generating a statistics page. To get your channel statistics type [.!@]chanstats or [.!@]cstats.

Relationship Maps
This feature gives you an idea on how active you are in a certain channel and who you talk to the most. A user in the channel will type [.!@]map, to display a link to a channel’s relationship map. It will then show several people’s nicks with lines connecting most of them together. This shows who you’ve talked to and how often you talk to them.

A thick line between two nicks means that those two individuals communicate back and forth often. A thin line means they do not talk to eachother often. These stats are based off of one day’s data, and are created by piespy. For more information on the Relationship Maps visit

Channel Rank
The command [.!@]chanrank shows what rank your channel is on the network in terms of activity. We determine how active a channel is by the number of lines spoken. You can also type !chanrank ranknumber to see the channel of a given rank.

The !topchans command shows the top 10 most active channels on the network based on activity.

The [.!@]topusers command shows the Top 10 Most Active users on the network. User ranking is calculated by the lines spoken for the current day.

Logs Command
The command !log will notice the user a link to a webpage that shows them the last 90 days of logs in that particular channel. Each link has a unique authentication token, and can only be opened once. This command by default is limited to those with halfop rank or higher.

It shows:

  • The total amount of lines, words, letters
  • When you’re most active,
  • Daily activity rank on the network
  • A random quote.

Like our channel statistics pages, 14 days of data is shown (except for the daily activity). The command can be typed with either [.!@]ustats nick or [.!@]userstats nick. If you want to show your own ustats, simply type [.!@]ustats.

For example:
<+ChanStat> (UserStats): (Matt-) Lines: 234, Words: 838 Letters: 3,991. Most active at 12:00 AM EST. Ranked 707 out of 1741 users with 9 lines today. Quote: If you were on the nick “example” for a little while

Set commands
The introduction of ustats raised the issue of privacy. Sometimes people do not want their stats open to the public. So to solve that issue, we’ve made the [.!@]set command. It includes the features:

[.!]set privacy on|off
[.!]set timezone timezone (eg. !set timezone EST)
[.!]set color mIRC color code] (eg. !set color 12)
[.!]set log MODES|ENABLE|DISABLE|ANYONE] (eg. !set log @)
[.!]set public on|off