Userstats, !set Commands, and Other Updates

We’ve decided to expand ChanStat a little bit and venture in to the realm of user statistics. There are many more features we plan to develop in this area; this is just the first step. The command output goes like this:

<+ChanStat> (UserStats): (Matt-) Lines: 234, Words: 838 Letters: 3,991. Most active at 12:00 AM EST. Ranked 707 out of 1741 users with 9 lines today. Quote: If you were on the nick “example” for a little while

It shows:

  • The total amount of lines, words, letters
  • When you’re most active,
  • Daily activity rank on the network
  • A random quote.

Like our channel statistics pages, 14 days of data is shown (except for the daily activity). The command can be typed with either [.!@]ustats nick or [.!@]userstats nick. If you want to show your own ustats, simply type [.!@]ustats.

The introduction of ustats raised the issue of privacy. Sometimes people do not want their stats open to the public. So to solve that issue, we’ve made the [.!@]set command. It includes the features:

[.!]set privacy on|off
[.!]set timezone timezone (eg. !set timezone EST)
[.!]set color mIRC color code] (eg. !set color 12)
[.!]set log MODES|ENABLE|DISABLE|ANYONE] (eg. !set log @)

We’ve also added the ability to type [.!@]cstats along with [.!@]chanstats to send the link to a stats page, and [.!@]topusers to show the Top 10 Most Active users on the network.

To see a list of all our commands and how to use them, go to

All of these features have come by the request of you guys, so keep the ideas coming!

If you have any questions join #chanstat on SwiftIRC ( or the network you’re on.